About Us

About Us 

Smart Complianz is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in process improvement, compliance management, and business strategy for FMCG businesses. With rich experience of associating with industries like Food & Beverages and Pharmaceuticals, we are providing quality services to our clients. Besides above, we have successfully ventured into web services which include developing E-Commerce store, Content management, and Digital Marketing.

"We aspire to be the leading sustainable solution provider for businesses."

Our key services

As a trusted partner, we primarily provide the following consulting services for food businesses.
  • Business Strategy - Market Research, Growth Strategies, Competition Analysis, Regulatory Landscape, and Customer Segmentation
  • Process Improvement - New product development, Risk Management, and Compliance
  • Digital Marketing Strategy - Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social media outreach, Customer Engagement, Website Development
  • Integrated Customer Risk Management - Support & mitigate risk by effective handling of Customer complaints through Telephone, Email Address, and Social Media.
  • IT Solutions - Consulting and development of IT systems
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