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“E Commerce platforms should submit a vendor management plan in two weeks” – FSSAI

FSSAI was startled to realize that both the e-commerce companies and its sellers are flouting rules 

In a study conducted by FSSAI recently, it was revealed that E Commerce aggregators of food restaurants and hotels doesn’t have license to operate, this is a fundamental violation of Food Safety Act. FSSAI took up this exercise as an action subsequent to various complaints raised by customers on its website. On 31st July, 2018 FSSAI has issued a notification to withdraw these unlicensed sellers from the marketplace platform. 

What is the food regulator suggesting the Marketplace owners?

Clearly FSSAI is expecting these technology providers to strengthen its vendor management framework by collecting and evaluating he documents submitted by vendors. As part of this it has clearly instructed all the leading e-commerce websites to submit a comprehensive action plan on the sellers flouting basic rules and regulations. The key takeaways to the food business operators from this notification are 

  • Requested E Commerce owners to adhere to the regulations prescribed by FSSAI recently that brings marketplaces also under its purview 
  • Instructed marketplace owners to ensure the compliance of sellers especially on the license & registration matters and requested them to cooperate in the special drive initiated by the regulator
  • Advised them to display FSSAI license number on their platform along with name and location of the restaurants
  • Appealed the leading marketplaces to invest their resources to disseminate the importance of food safety and hygiene to its key stakeholders i.e. hotels & restaurants 

While compliance is necessary for the E Commerce players it is very sad that FSSAI is expecting the business owners to perform its duties. Often these businesses have various real time challenges from sourcing to delivery. Moreover, many established food aggregators already have a stringent selection procedure before listing a vendor. However, post sales follow-ups and continuous monitoring of vendors are the areas these technology marketplaces to focus and ponder upon. Finally, FSSAI should take a pragmatic approach in enforcing the regulations

To understand the requirements set by FSSAI in the e - commerce regulations, please click here

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Issue 14 - Original notification issued by FSSAI 


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