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Q & A with one of the largest starch producer

"Innovation and value creation would help businesses sustain in the marketplace"  - VPS Radhakrishnan

Starch processing - VPS Radhakrishnan, CEO, Foodix, Angel Starch

Have you ever surprised what makes the chicken incredibly crispy when fried? Besides this, one also wonders how the moisture in the meat is retained when fried in such hot temperatures. Well, in both the cases, it is the starch that is making the food retains its physical and Organoleptic properties. With various applications in food, modified starch is often acclaimed as an indispensable ingredient in the food industry. In an endeavor to engage thought leaders in the Industry, we have reached out to Mr. VPS Radhakrishnan one of the successful entrepreneur in the food & beverage space. Amid, his undisputed career, he is respected for the scientific contribution to the success of “Modified Starch” in industrial application. Following are the k
ey takeaways of the interview 

How have you developed the niche for starches in the early ages of your career?

In 1990, when we ventured into the starch business, the domestic market size for this product is significantly low. Moreover, unlike today there are no major food product offerings (especially convenience food) in the market too that rely on starches. However, we believed the domestic potential of the product in the industrial application and have focused on the international market. Today, we are one of the largest exporters of starch to Middle East and south-east Asia. Our technical expertise with relentless focus on customer requirements and quality helped us significantly in positioning our brand in the market.

In addition to food, what other industries do you cater your products to?

Treated starches have various applications in the industry. Even in the food sector, with the introduction of convenience food, starches are being used for various purposes like fat substitute (fat mimetic) in low-fat foods (yogurt, cheese etc.), texture improver and even considered for high nutrition. As the stability of starch in high temperatures is evident, its application is also observed in encapsulation of flavours. Further, starches are also used in the manufacture of Adhesives, Glues, Textiles,Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals , Bio Polimers etc. We cater to most of the segments indicated above for both domestic and international markets

As an active member of industry bodies, what challenges do you foresee in starch sector? 

Over the years, the price of raw materials has increased substantially and hence, starch manufacturers are seeing decline in the profit margins. Moreover, global demand for bio-fuels have also sparked the price factor as the raw material for both these industries are agricultural produce that contain starch i.e. cereals and root corps. Lastly, the environmental factors like draught are contributing to poor production process. As a measure, we are sensitizing the supply chain and are adapting backward integration strategies to address these challenges effectively. Ultimately we have to create highest value for the basic agricultural produce (commodity) to enhance the life of the farmers and other stakeholders involved in the value chain system. It is inevitable that everyone should focus on innovation & value creation to sustain and flourish.

Tell us about your new venture FOODIX?

From the beginning we largely cater to only B2B segment, the idea of venturing into retail is always there in my mind because we manufacture the product (even B2B) with focus on end user. Having tried various combinations with our R&D team, we have successfully launched products in the convenience food segment. Besides health and taste, Our prime motto is to highlight scientific values in our Indian traditional cuisine and reach out to the global market in the most exciting & palatable way.

Currently, we have launched Instant Mixes like Soup Mixes, Herbal Soup Mix, Crispy Fry Mixes , Taste Maker Masala, Milk Shakes, Sweet Mixes (Halwa, Mysore Pak ) Murukku Mix, Squashes, Sauces, Syrups , Jams  etc., under the brand name "Foodix" without adding MSG, Chemicals, Fats  and artificial flavours. 

Moreover, in an attempt to reach consumer quickly we have started our own online merchandise with easy shopping and shipping options. One can access our retail products at with some exciting offers and varieties 

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated with rigorous certifications like ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management System), ISO 22000:2005 (Food Safety Management Systems), BRC (British Retail Consortium) from leading accreditation agencies. Further, we are the first company in Erode District to be certified for the "ZED - Zero Effect with Zero Defect (a Govt. of India's initiative of Developing World Class Production Facility). We have also FSSAI, APEDA, Halal, GOTS Certificates.

What do you suggest young entrepreneurs in the food industry?

Food industry is a mammoth space and there are plenty of opportunities for passionate people. Besides R&D, process improvement, project management, quality and supervision are some of the areas for employment opportunities. 
Further, with changing consumer preferences, there is a lot of innovation happening in this industry. Hence, I strongly believe innovation, cost optimization and value creation are the key factors for budding entrepreneurs to sustain in the marketplace

How does people reach you and your products?

I am interested to interact with young and passionate people on the aspects of starch/ food processing. I can be reached at for any healthy discussion. As said earlier, our product offerings are available here (check our for exciting festival and New Year offers)

About VPS Radhakrishnan - He is the first generation businessman from southern India who established his firm in 1990 in the name of Sree Mangalmoorthi Starch Industries. At the Age of 48, he emerged as the largest marketer of Value Added Speiciality  Starch products in India marketing around 2000 Tons per month and is catering tailor made specialty Starch products and Chemicals for the Textiles and Paper Industry, Food, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceuticals, Cosmoceuticals, Textile, Paper & Packaging Industries. Besides running his enterprise, his active participation in forums has resolved many pressing concerns of the starch sector. He is currently the Chairman of CII – Erode Zone, Vice Chairman - MMA  Madras Management Association Erode Chapter, Vice Chairman - Native Angel Network Erode Chapter, Founder Trustee - Olirum Erodu Foundation, Secretary -Olirum Erodu Skills Academy. 

Follow him at - 
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