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How to file food safety (FSSAI) annual returns?

Do-it-yourself guide for FSSAI annual returns

FSSAI Annual returns filing

Recently, there are lot of enquiries on the procedure for filing food safety (FSSAI) annual returns. This process, by far is the simplest activity out of all FSSAI cumbersome and lengthy compliance processes. Hence we are presenting our readers the Do-it-yourself guide to file returns which support them in complying with food regulator’s rules and regulations. Before we start the steps on filing returns, we would first understand the need, rule position, timelines, penalties and other important information regarding FSSAI returns 

What are food safety returns?
Every FSSAI license holder would declare certain facts during the process of obtaining license from the department like for instance SKU details, per day production capacity etc.,. In an attempt to corroborate these facts declared with the actual, FSSAI mandates the food business operator (FBO) to file returns for the lapsed financial year. An analogy with IT returns would suit perfectly.

What is the rule position?
Out of the various regulations prescribed, licensing regulations talks about the returns. As per 2.1.13 of these regulations, every manufacturer and importer of food products should file returns on or before 31st May of every year

I am a FSSAI license holder? Should I apply for returns?
As per the latest regulations (As on 31st March 2019), returns are applicable for activities related to only manufacturing and importing. Rest businesses like marketing, wholesaling, retailing etc., are exempted from filing returns 

What is the last date for filing returns?
The last date for filing FSSAI returns is 31st May of every year

Which returns form is suitable for my food business?
Currently, there are 2 forms for filing FSSAI returns, for Milk processing units Form D2 with half year returns and Form D1 for other manufacturing units and importers 

What if I don’t file the returns?
Dereliction of conditions of license would always be penalized. Hence any delay in filing return beyond 31st May of each year shall attract a penalty of Rs 100 per day of delay 

I have multiple licenses; do I have to provide multiple returns?
Yes, since FSSAI licenses are issued to the premises of food operations a separate return shall be filed for every license issued under the Regulations, irrespective of whether the same Food Business Operator holds more than one license

Do-it-yourself guide for FSSAI annual returns 

Step 1: Based on the kind of business download the requisite form. Download the applicable form the below link

For milk unit: Form D2, Click here to download

For other manufacturers and importers: Form D1, Click here to download

Step 2: Fill the basic details of your business, for example say you are an ABC Manufacturing company licensed to manufacture chocolates in the premises located in Hyderabad. The details should go like this 

Step 3: Collate the information from the finance team on the last year sales including the quantity per SKU. For instance, if you have chocolate declared in the license then collate the information related to chocolate total production quantity and total value for the quantity identified would be required to fill the table 

Step 4: Refer "Example 1" in the below image and fill the details as applicable to your kind of business and products as shown in the figure 

Please note if you don’t have any business in the previous financial year, fill the form with the word “NILL” (Refer Example 2)

Step 5: Review the filled details and corroborate with the facts declared during the license process. In case of any deviations, please update the license by applying for modification. Upon finalizing the details, the FBO can either send the details via registered post or email to the licensing authority within their respective jurisdiction. Please note FSSAI doesn’t acknowledge confirming the successful submission of the returns.

For the above example, since the central license jurisdiction for Hyderabad is Chennai, the address and email for submission is as follows

FSSAI Chennai  - Regional Office address
The Designated Officer,
Food safety and standards authority of India, Central Documentation Complex, South Wing North Beach Road,
Chennai Port Trust, Rajaji Salai,
Tamil Nadu 600001

The other designated officers directory can be accessed here 

The self help guide for FSSAI returns filing is complete. Please consult us at or use the contact us option for more information

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