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What makes Shopify the best choice for small businesses ?

Chapter 4: Best features in Shopify platform

Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce platform 

Hello folks, it has been a while since I put my thoughts on the blog about e-commerce platforms. Because I am unable to squeeze time as I have been working on some pressing projects at work. Today, I gathered some inspiration for completing this short note on one of the best e-commerce software in the marketplace. As you know, my focus is on the SME businesses which thrive and are ready to up the game. In the past, I have helped clients in designing few online stores on Shopify platform, and I find it very user-friendly.  With current websites close to 150000 and a market share of 11%, Shopify is a good contender in this space. Hence, let's get into the factors that make Shopify the best choice in your digital journey. In doing so, I would like to specify that I have no entanglements with any brands and I write only personal experiences. For any specific advice on choosing a platform, one can write to me directly, and I am happy to assist. 

1. Best Themes in the business

Shopify offers a wide range of themes to use for the store, and these come at both free and premium prices. Not to mention, the free themes are very appealing and are responsive. It is thus making a significant share in driving traffic to the website. Premium themes comes with enhanced features that makes the store more enthralling. Unlike many other hosted solutions, Shopify does not restrict customisation. It would encourage users to make HTML & CSS changes required to transform your website’s appearance completely. One can make a free account and explore the themes offered by Shopify. 

2. Domains and hosting at one place 

Well, this is by far the most friendly feature in Shopify. Instead of pooling various channels for hosting, domain and email service, Shopify take cares of these needs effectively. Besides best charges, its servers are never sluggish and ensure page speed is optimal, which is workable through a content delivery network (CDN). With regards to domain name, Shopify provides a free sub-domain for starters. Since branding is very crucial for the success of the store, an exclusive domain name will always be useful. Shopify doesn't provide email hosting, and one can transfer the domain to Shopify and then set up an unlimited number of forwarding email addresses for free.

3. Content Management 

With only a few clicks of the mouse, you can manage the content of your website with great ease on Shopify. Important content like pages, product listings, blog and navigational menu can be rearranged based on your needs from the admin panel. Importantly, the product data can be exported from previous websites or spreadsheets to Shopify very easily with an import option. Moreover, Shopify provides an opportunity for marketing and solutions by acknowledging the importance by integrating features that will help businesses increase the amount of visitors coming to your store. Secondly,  SEO best practices, which include customising page titles, URL tags to include keywords, and adding meta-data, products, and even images. Shopify even generates an XML Sitemap for you; this is what notifies search engines of the new products and content added to your store on an ongoing basis.

4. Shopify Apps

There is no dearth for innovation in e-commerce solutions, hence has created a marketplace for developers to source their solutions to various new functionalities. In this app store, the store owner can view the suitable latest functionalities that result in the effective functioning of the website. All these tested applications would synchronise with the website perfectly and add value to the overall functioning of the store 

5. Analytics and customer support 

Analytics forms an important part of any web application, as this would be very useful in creating campaigns and advertisements. Moreover, such analytics will give a clear view on the progress of the website and help in making business decisions. Lastly, customer support management is a very good experience in Shopify. With 24/7 support the engaged staff of this solution provider helps the client in resolving issues related to technology and functionality

Since the list goes on, I have provided the key features that help any decision-maker in choosing the right platform. Besides above, email marketing, social media integration, discount codes gift cards, designing shipping & tax prices, abandoned cart recovery are some of the areas noteworthy to mention about Shopify. In the coming chapters, I would like to talk more about the CMS tools, other back end technology that make a difference in the current e-commerce solution suites. 

Thanks for reading!!

Phani Kumar is a solution architect for E-Commerce entities. He is currently providing technology consulting to homegrown e-commerce brands of Australia. He resides in Melbourne and has great appetite for new technologies and start-up companies. He is open to discuss business ideas, technology updates and networking. He can be reached at


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