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How to obtain FSSAI license for fortified rice kernels?

A succinct guidance to the industry in the recent notification from the enforcement authority

With recent standardization of fortification in the foods like like Salt, Milk, Atta (wheat Flour) and Raw Rice there is huge traffic in the regional offices to get clearances for manufacturing their respective products. However, the applicants are ambiguous about the category selection in the online licensing system. The genesis to this issue is primarily due to the fact that the online system was developed considering the Indian Food codes (IFC) and not the FSSR product codes. In spite of consorted endeavors to map these codes in the past, this exercise hit a road block due to lack of consensus between the key stakeholders. We have been successfully navigating our clients to choose the right category even prior to this notification. Let’s explore and understand the notification.

What are fortified rice kernels (FRKs)?

FRKs are primarily rice shaped extruded kernels with essential micro nutrients for a complete nourished diet. FSSAI approved Fortified rice kernels in two forms, 
1. Premix - the end user would add these kernels in the recommended dosage levels (RDA) to food at the time of cooking

2. Blended kernels - Here, FRKs are blended proportionally with conventional rice and are sold as fortified rice. In this case the consumer can cook this product directly in regular serving sizes 

Keeping a tab on the recommended dosage allowance (RDA) is the rationale 

What do the fortified regulations demonstrate? 

Schedule I, clause 6 of these regulations delineate the standards for fortified rice. However, the same wouldn’t be appeared in the licensing website for selection for the reasons mentioned above.

What is the category to be selected in the current licensing system?

Variety of the rice
End Use
Category selection for license
FRK in Premix form
Added to food based on recommended serving size on the package at the time of cooking
99.5  - Nutrient and its preparation
FRK blended with regular rice
Sold as final product after blended FRK with regular rice. Consumer can consume the food in proportion appropriate to his/ her diet
6.1 - Whole, broken, or flaked grain, including rice (Includes whole, husked, unprocessed cereals and grains. Examples include rice (including enriched, instant and parboiled), wheat, corn (maize), sorghum, barley, oats, millets, dried peas or legumes etc.)

What are the kinds of business that are covered?

Although the notification emphasize only on the role of manufacturer (re-packer/ Re-labeler), these categories are applicable for all the other businesses in the supply chain i.e. Marketer, storage and distribution.

Please write us at for any further guidance on the licensing of fortified rice kernels

Please click here for the original notification

In light of many representations from various stakeholders seeking guidance on the regulations, licensing and labeling, FSSAI published FAQ's on this topic on 30.10.2018. Please click here to access the FAQ's

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